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Vic Mensa Gets Rough With DJ Akademiks On Everyday Struggle: “I Think You’re A B**ch” [VIDEO]


Vic Mensa Gets Rough With DJ Akademiks On Everyday Struggle: “I Think You’re A B**ch” [VIDEO]

Vic Mensa Is Not Here For Dj Akademiks At All.

Things got a little heated on today’s episode of Every Day Struggle with DJ Akademiks and special guest Vic Mensa. While touching base on what’s going on in the Industry, Vic had something very important to get off his chest.

When the topic of Chicago came up, Vic was very upset about Dj Akademiks’ past coverage on Chicago music and gun violence.

“I wanted to slap you in your face honestly,” he says to Akademiks. “I felt as if people exactly like you sensationalized and made a following off of clowning situations that we go through in real life. What ever made you feel like you had a space to have a perspective on our people dying on a daily basis?”

Akademiks explained that he had to give a different perspective and felt that his content was not negative at all.

That’s when Vic started throwing in the fighting words. “I’m tell you the truth, I really think you’re a b**ch.” ouch…

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Vic continued to explain to Akademiks that he has no right weighing in on what’s happening in Chicago. He got so worked up that he decided it was best to just move on.

Clips of that he episode surfaced online and now Twitter is currently praising Vic for shutting Akademiks down. Take a look

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#Pressplay To see how it all went down.

Source: Hip Hop Wired

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