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5 Celebrities Who Are Most Likely Happy That Bill O’Reilly Was Fired From Fox News


5 Celebrities Who Are Most Likely Happy That Bill O’Reilly Was Fired From Fox News

Longtime Fox News analyst Bill O’Reilly was ousted from the network following recent revelations of multiple women being paid out by the station to keep quiet over their claims O’Reilly had victimized them to unwanted sexual advances.

Prior to getting his pink slip, O’Reilly was a notorious news analyst who filled Fox News airwaves with his harsh conservative critiques on everyone and everything. O’Reilly was well known for ruffling the feathers of many liberals, including rappers, politicians, and other news analysts.

In consideration of Bill’s release from Fox, we’re sure these five celebrities aren’t too sad to see him go.

Maxine Waters

Prior to news of his sexual assault payouts, O’Reilly made headlines and issued an apology after he referred to Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ hair as “a James Brown wig” on live television.

Needless to say, we’re sure Maxine is perfectly fine with O’Reilly getting let go from Fox.


In the early 2000s, Harlem rapper Cam’Ron sat down for one of his most memorable interviews to date, where he and O’Reilly got into a heated debate live on air. Things went left after O’Reilly referred to Cam’Ron’s music as promoting “pimpin and bi*ches” type lyrics, leading Cam’Rom to issue his now infamous “YOU MAAAAAAD” line.

Jon Stewart

Former Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, and Bill O’Reilly were known to feud on-air during election seasons. The two even sat down for a debate during the 2012 Presidential election. However, one of the best showdowns between the two was when Stewart called out O’Reilly for his “stupidity” live on air.

Don Lemon

CNN host Don Lemon is also known to have feuded with O’Reilly in recent times after he was recently called out by the conservative news critic for allegedly not reporting on the Susan Rice story. However, Lemon issued the clapback of all clapbacks when he reminded Bill that he did report on the story along with other major news topics as well.


It’s no secret of O’Reilly’s distaste for rappers and hip hop culture, but one of his most well-known rapper feuds included that of rapper/actor Ludacris in 2002. Pepsi had announced that Ludacris was their new spokesperson, to which O’Reilly demanded a boycott against the company for hiring someone who “disrespects women, encourages drug use and encouraged violence.” In response to O’Reilly’s criticism of the endorsement deal, Pepsi fired Ludacris and hired Jack and Kelly Osbourne, children of Ozzy Osbourne, who were famous for their foul language on their reality show. Despite getting the rapper fired from his gig, O’Reilly continued to condemn Ludacris for years afterward, calling him “vile” and a “thug.” Ludacris eventually bumped into O’Reilly in 2010, and says they were able to squash their beef.

These are just a few of the many celebs who are probably happy to see Bill O’Reilly go.

Who else can we add to the list, Socialites?

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