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5 Reasons Why Basketball Wives Season Premiere Was A Must See!

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5 Reasons Why Basketball Wives Season Premiere Was A Must See!

Did you catch the season premiere of  VH1‘s Basketball Wives? As you all know, Evelyn Lozada is back in L.A, and last night, her presence in the city of angels was felt! The premiere opened with Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn catching up during her weeklong run as a guest host on BET’s The Real. Of course, the conversation jumps into Evelyn sharing her thoughts on Tami Roman. Shaunie wants the two to have a sit down, but can there really be a “Kumbaya” moment for these ladies? In case you may have missed it, we are #unlocking the top five moments of the season premiere of Basketball Wives.



1.) Shaunie invites Tami over to catch up. However, she also shares the news of Evelyn’s return to L.A. since she has invited both ladies to her 70’s birthday party. Shaunie is hoping to bring these ladies together for what Tami calls a “Kumbaya” moment. Tami does not seem to be feeling the idea of Evelyn being back.


While out house hunting with daughter Chantel, Jackie breaks down her issue with Evelyn and how she crossed the line after donating money to her grandson’s GoFundMe Account. Should Jackie have a problem with Evelyn for donating? #PressPlay!



3.) Nick Young’s ex and kid’s mother, Keonna Green, is introduced in the season premiere. She meets with Shaunie for lunch and some advice. Keonna reveals that she is almost ready to get back on the dating scene now that her daughter has hit five months. She also reveals that she and Nick were not together during her pregnancy with her daughter and that she found out about her ex’s relationship with Iggy Azela through the media. She also added that Iggy knew that she was still dealing with her. She breaks down and says she deserves so much more respect and that she is not the person that people painted her out to be. Shaunie shares that she will always be Shaquille’s ex and that she should figure out the new and improved Keonna… “The Reinvented Keonna.”

4.) The ladies all meet up at Shaunie’s 70’s party. Jackie Christie decides to address Evelyn in regards to her donation to her grandson’s GoFund Me Account. Jackie shares that she was reciting all kinds of ‘DMs’ from people about Lozada’s donation.


Evelyn told her that her daughter was not the first person she has donated to on the website and that she felt like she needed the help. Jackie jumps in to “clarify” that her daughter did not need help and that she can call her mother for help if she needed it. Evelyn then asks, “Well why didn’t she call you?” Chile…

5.) While Evelyn survived on the issue, she now has to try and survive an even bigger issue that has been brewing for some years now. As the two of the ladies sit down and talk, it does not take long before Tami finally admits that what she was mad about was being called “a nonmotherfu**ing factor.”  I know you remember that infamous line dropped by Evelyn!  However, as the ladies go back and forth over when Tami filed the divorce papers, Evelyn tells Tami that if she wants to attack her than she can all day since she knows that is the type of person she is while pointing her finger at Tami. Shaunie jumps in between them as Tami sits up like she was ready to come for Evelyn. Shaunie says the confusion between them but it just doesn’t seem like these ladies will be able to settle things as Evelyn calls it a nite and walks away!


Whew! And that was only the first episode! Make sure you tune in next Monday at 9 P.M. for an all new Basketball Wives.

Until then, check out this bonus clip as Shaunie gives Jackie parenting advice!


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