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Access Granted: HU Unlocks The Doors To The Black Ink Crew Season 5 Premiere


Access Granted: HU Unlocks The Doors To The Black Ink Crew Season 5 Premiere

Surrounded by red bottoms and Timberlands, friends, family, and fans alike all gathered into one of the hottest night spots, ACES, in Queens, New York for the season 5 premiere of Black Ink ! And, of course, Hollywood Unlocked was front and center for all of the action.

The night started out slow, but gained quick speed minutes before the show aired. The original cast, including Ceasar, Teddy Ruks, Dutchess, Richard (Oh Shit), Sky, Melody, and Donna were shown on air. However, Dutchess seemed to have skipped out on her invitation to the premiere, while newcomers Young Bae, Nikki Duncan, and Tiffany Tattooz were introduced to Black Ink Crew.


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The show took off in a New York minute, with Sky instantly clashing with both of the newbies that Teddy Ruks was trying to have up in his playhouse. Teddy found himself in hot water again when he tried to pass off one of Melody’s clients to another tattoo artist, which is totally understandable, seeing as how he was playing with her money, on top of her being 9 months pregnant. This took her emotions to all new heights. Melody had an open moment on the show when she shared her feelings about motherhood and experiencing giving birth to her first born. Richard came to Ceasar begging for his job back, and if you’re wondering who Richard is, Oh Sh*t isn’t Oh Sh*t anymore, because he finally got his shit together! (We Hope.) We’re introduced to his wife, Nikki Duncan, who showed him the error of his ways, and was the final woman standing when it came down to commitment. But who we saw get their happily ever after last season quickly exposed the dark truth of her marriage. Donna had to let go of her husband Maxwell, due to his verbal, financial, and even physical abuse towards her during their relationship, even before the marriage. In ACE’s, during the scene with Maxwell on the phone calling her a ‘slut bucket,’ she began to cry. But don’t feel so bad, because in the club she was crying on another mystery man’s shoulder who she was calling babe throughout the night. One of the newest artists, Young Bae, immediately gave off this arrogant attitude, to not only Sky, but even to Ceasar! She quickly polished up her act with the outcome of her work. She fed her story of how she came to this country not speaking a lick of english and only having $80 in her pocket. The other artist added to the mix was Tiffany Tattoo, who had Sky also looking at her with the side eye for talking up with beef with Dutchess…

Ceasar and Dutchess publicly broke off their engagement a few months ago, but on the new episode, they showed nothing else than the strong business couple they’ve always portrayed themselves to be. During the show, whenever Dutchess and Ceasar interacted with one another, the VIP section with all of the remaining Black Ink Crew members would let out a huge laugh. Cesar, of course shrugged things off and just enjoyed the atmosphere of all his success. During one of the commercials, he gave a quick speech thanking his assistant for being the only woman to stand by him through his ordeal. Even though he never mentioned his ‘ordeal’ as having to deal with Dutchess, it was obvious. He went on to thank Black Ink for all of their support, and about how he himself never believed that this show would be able to go on to Season 5!

Throughout the night, the drinks were flowing, the music was bumping, and everyone was enjoying the moment. Black Ink is more than a television show for many people, especially those in New York! At ACES, the crew was mingling with old clients, friends, other tattoo artists that came to support not only the show, but the movement Black Ink created.

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