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All I Need In This Life Of Sin: Tyga Releases “Stimulated” Video ft. Kylie Jenner


All I Need In This Life Of Sin: Tyga Releases “Stimulated” Video ft. Kylie Jenner

Alright so, here’s the deal. Tyga released his new video for “Stimulated” this morning which, if you’ll remember, caused a bit of controversy upon its release earlier this month due to Tyga’s not-so-subtle references to bedding an underage girl. Hi, Kylie. Now, the internet continues to buzz because Tyga, the smart one that he is, decided to not only brag about sleeping with his teenage dream before she was legally allowed to engage in such activities with his 25 year old self, but he put her in the video. Kylie is a certified video vixen, y’all.

The visual is all about Tyga, his girl, and his mansion as the two rendezvous at a secluded beach house to make out and fondle, while Tyga recites his written lyrics (no doubt an attempt at making sure y’all know he writes his raps) to “Stimulated”:

“They say she young, I should’ve waited, she a big girl dawg, when she stimulated.”

Yup. If that wasn’t enough, Tyga also seems to sample a song by Robert Miles called “Children.” Swear you can’t make this stuff up.

Listen – even though I won’t lie and say this whole relationship isn’t creeptastic, my parents are a solid 15 years apart and they didn’t seem to mind. *Kanye Shrug* Now that BOTH Tyga and Kylie are consenting adults, it might be time for us to embrace their baemance. Tyga just doesn’t make it easy when just 7 months ago he was shouting “FRIENDS!!!” from the rooftop of Power 105. You won’t go to jail, but we need you to do better, T-Rawww.

Watch the visual below.

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