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Amber Rose On Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: “I Am Not A Role Model” [VIDEO]


Amber Rose On Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: “I Am Not A Role Model” [VIDEO]

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio is back with your favorite #Uncensored hosts, Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford A.K.A the “Curve Queen,” and Claudia Jordan, who fills in for Gio while he’s away. The show starts off with the hosts catching up, as they prepare for Amber Rose to come in. Yes, you heard that right! The “Slut Walk” advocate stops by this week to get #Uncensored with us after the hosts extended an invitation to her two week ago!


Enter Amber Rose…

The hosts welcome Muva to the show, as Jason explains how she called him and they had a conversation about his previous comments about her movement and how he doesn’t understand it. To Jason’s surprise, Amber was understanding and open to his criticisms. Jason starts off by apologizing to Amber for calling her a “b***h.”


The conversation switches over to the infamous “bush” picture Amber posted on Instagram last week.

Amber recalls that she was inspired to grow out a “bush” and defy the stereotype that women who do not shave, wax, or laser their pubic hair are “unclean, unkept, or poor.” While the hosts understand where Amber is coming from, Claudia questions why she had to publicize the photo for the world to see.

Jason questions Amber on what message that photo is supposed to send to his 5-year-old niece and the millions of other children whose parents follow her on Instagram. Amber answers by saying that she is not a role model for children, and that they should not be on her Instagram page in the first place.

Amber explains the “Slut Walk”

While Jason understands that the Amber Rose Slut Walk was created to raise awareness for the feminist movement, he questions Amber on what the event does to raise scholarships and programs for women to benefit from. Amber simply replies by asking, “Who is giving me money?”

For her first annual Slut Walk in 2015, Amber recalls that she was unable to lock down any sponsors. Though the event has grown tremendously since then, raising money for the movement has proven to be a difficult task.

Amber Rose relates to Melyssa Ford as they discuss what the two have in common.

Amber shifts the focus to Melyssa, as she explains that she looked up to her growing up.

Amber to Melyssa:

“I looked up to you, and I was like ‘I wanna be a video vixen like her, she’s so beautiful.'”

After seeing the public criticism Melyssa dealt with throughout her career and later experiencing it for herself, Amber was encouraged her to launch her own version of the Slut Walk.

#PressPlay to watch Part 1 of the #Uncensored interview with Amber Rose. Stay tuned for Part 2 on Wednesday!

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