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Amber Rose Sued By Ace of Diamonds For “Lying” About Club Purchase


Amber Rose Sued By Ace of Diamonds For “Lying” About Club Purchase

Just one day after Amber Rose made public mention of her alleged purchase of LA strip club Ace of Diamonds has it been revealed that the popular nightclub has hit Muva with a lawsuit over her “lies.”

Amber went too far and let her mouth get her into some pretty pricey trouble.

According to TMZ, a lawsuit filed by the owners of Ace of Diamonds, SKWS Enterprises, says Amber hasn’t put any money into ownership of the club. They are calling her comments on purchasing the club as “unequivocally false,” as they haven’t sold the club to anyone.

They are suing Amber for slander, and looking for more than $1 million in payout.

Yesterday, we told our Socialites about Amber publicly bragging to the cheering audience at the All Def Movie Awards on Wednesday night that she just bought AoD. Following her comments, Amber’s purchase was reported by multiple media outlets.

However, considering this lawsuit by the club owners, it appears that Muva may have just let her bragging get her into some pricey legal issues.


Do you think Amber Rose is lying, Socialites?

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