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Barbuda Has Been Declared UnInhabitable Because Of Hurricane Irma

Photo Source: ABC NEWS


Barbuda Has Been Declared UnInhabitable Because Of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has damaged 90% of the island Barbuda. Unfortunately, it is declared uninhabitable.

ABC News reports Hurricane Irma tore through Barbuda on Wednesday morning. The powerful hurricane arrived at 2 a.m and caused the anemometer to fail. Barbuda is a very flat island with the sea level at 125 feet. About 1,600 people live on the small island.

Barbuda is the sister island to Antigua. Antigua did not suffer from the hurricane damage however. Prime Minister Browne declared the island “barely” habitable as 95 percent of it’s structures have been destroyed and parts of the island are underwater.

Since Hurricane Jose is making it’s way to Barbuda, Brown is considering to evacuate residents to Antigua.

Hurricane Irma has claimed three lives which included a 2 month old baby girl.

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