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Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Evacuated In Anti-Terror Operation


Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Evacuated In Anti-Terror Operation

Spanish police have evacuated a popular Barcelona’s tourist attraction. The Sagrada Familia basilica.

BBC news reports that authorities cordoned off the building as a part of an anti-terrorist operation due to the recent attacks all around the world. Thus, European police have been on high-alert to prevent further attacks on major cities and landmarks.


Suspicious Activity

A bomb squad arrived to check a van parked unattended next to the famous monument. Multiple stores have also been evacuated nearby as a precaution.

Last month, a series of Terrorist attacks around Barcelona killed 16 people. However, police said that the check turned out to be a false alarm.

The Catalan police force tweeted:

‘It is a false alarm. Situation has normalized in Sagrada Família.’


Check out the Sagrada Familia here.

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