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Man Arrested In An Attempt To Steal $1Million Worth Of Bees


Man Arrested In An Attempt To Steal $1Million Worth Of Bees

A 51-year-old California  man was taken into custody on suspicion of stealing bees and beehives worth $1 million.

According to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, the bee-knapper, Pavel Tveretinov was arrested back in April after authorities discovered 100 hives that were reported stolen. When officials continued their investigating Tveretinov, they found more than 2,500 bee colonies between two different locations.

The estimated value of the hives is about $875,000.

Investigators believe Tveretinov stole the hives and started a business. He reportedly rented the bees out to growers who were pollinating crops. Tveretinov was booked at the booked into the Madera County jail on suspicion of possessing stolen property.

He has since been released on bail.


Source: CBS San Francisco News

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