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BET Punked Everyone Last Night


BET Punked Everyone Last Night

The last week has been BET buzz city thanks to one network announcement: the return of BET Uncut, the network’s often X-Rated video show which ushered many of us into puberty. Fans rallied around the announcement and even counted down to the show’s official re-release.

But, fans of the show (read: 30+ year old men eager to relive high school) got a pretty big surprise last night on what was supposed to be the show’s premiere. As the familiar parental warning screen came into view, viewers were greeted not by big booties and video vixens, but by Andrew Bachelor and DeStorm Power cracking the eff up and announcing everyone…EVERYONE…had officially been Punk’d.

Yup. That Punk’d. Why? Because BET is relaunching the hit MTV series on their own network with Power and Bachelor taking over hosting duties from Ashton Kutcher. The announcement of BET UNCUT? A very sly and smart marketing troll designed to get eyes on the new Punk’d promo which is set to arrive on August 18.

Hahahaha. So many men have a case of the sads right now.

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