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BET Responds to Stacey Dash’s Call to Eliminate BET and Black History Month


BET Responds to Stacey Dash’s Call to Eliminate BET and Black History Month

If you thought that Stacey Dash was through with her “clueless” remarks, think again. During a discussion about the 2016 Oscars controversy, the Fox News contributor declared on Fox & Friends on Wednesday, January 20, that the BET Awards and Black History Month should be eliminated.

Well, BET had a lot to say about the Dash’s remarks on their social media accounts. The network posted picture on their Instagram of the actress in an appearance she made on The Game back in 2009.

And just to make sure they covered all bases, they took to Twitter to question the validity of her intelligence. Both comments ignited an uproar on social media, which led to a community-wide drag of the actress. 

But Stacey didn’t just take the beating. She took to her blog to reinerate the her points she made: “I’ve written about this before, but apparently people are going nuts over what I said on Outnumbered today,” Dash wrote.

She also even brought up Morgan Freeman’s past comments about Black History Month. (In an old appearance on 60 Minutes, Freeman called the celebration “ridiculous,” saying, “You’re gonna relegate my history to a month?”

What are your thought? Is Stacey Dash’s argument justifiable? Should BET have responded to her remarks? Do you think the actress is a complete sell-out? Let us know. 

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