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Boy Killed Over Craigslist PlayStation Games Just Before His 1st Day of College

Boy gunned down for Playstation games just a week before his first day of college.


Boy Killed Over Craigslist PlayStation Games Just Before His 1st Day of College

Reportedly, a young 19-year-old teen identified as Brian Brown was gunned down over PlayStation video games. Brown’s future appeared to be nothing but promising, after the teen recently graduated from North Miami Beach High school, and was preparing to move to California where he would play football at Merced College in California.

In addition, like any other hustler, he wanted to earn extra money while preparing for his big move to the sunny state. According to ABC 10, Brown allegedly decided to sell his PlayStation and video games.

Brown placed an ad on Craigslist, and immediately received a hit from someone who seemed to be interested in buying the video game console along with the games.

However, when Brown went to meet with the potential customer, he was blindsided and shot three times in the back while attempting to run away.

His girlfriend was able to drive him to Jackson North Medical Center, where he was transferred to Aventura Hospital. He eventually died from his wounds.

The irrational murder has shocked the city of Miami. Brown was a noted student-athlete who received a full-ride scholarship to play sports. He was scheduled to leave for California on July 1.

Brown is the second teen to die this month after meeting someone for a Craigslist transaction. Back on Jun 6, Corey Harris-Thomas agreed to meet a young man who expressed interest in buying a pair of Air Jordan’s after responding to a CraigsList ad.

Harris-Thomas and the suspects were inside a car to make the exchange of money for the sneakers. However, a fight broke out and shots were fired. Harris-Thomas was ultimately shot in the head and the chest and died.

Authorities state, in order to reduce the chances of a crime taking place when making a Craigslist transaction, the buyers and sellers should agree to meet near a police precinct or a place that is full of people, coffee shops, malls etc.

Miami-Dade police are currently still searching Brown’s killer.

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