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Brooklyn Principal Accused Of Kicking And Hitting 7-Year-Old Student In Stairwell

Photo Source: PIX 11


Brooklyn Principal Accused Of Kicking And Hitting 7-Year-Old Student In Stairwell

A principal from Brooklyn has been accused of hitting and kicking a student due to the student’s disruptive behavior.

According to PIX 11, the 7-year-old student hit and ran from a school aide. The school aide tried to prevent the student running away from the scene. P.S 202 Principal Machael Spencer-Edwards was arrested on Tuesday after the student, Hasheem Welch, informed his parents that the principal assaulted him.

Welch explained that he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and it violates the school’s dress code. Spencer-Edwards told the student that he would consficate the sweater since it was worn in the lunchroom. Welch began to run from the lunchroom.

The 7-year-old then described his encounter with Spencer-Edwards:

“I hit her[school aide] then he grabbed me and swung me and brought me in the staircase and kicked me and then he smacked me.”

The altercation occurred on March 13 and was reported to police on March 20. Welch’s mother stated that she was never informed by the school of the incident.

“I met with the principal and he states he didn’t do such things to Hasheem and that he has a 7-year-old son himself and he wouldn’t do that.”

Authorities confirmed the incident was caught on camera and the elementary school principal faces charges of assault and acting in a manner injurous to child. The New York City Department of Education says Spencer-Edwards is currently relocated to a job that does not involve students.

“This alleged behavior is deeply disturbing, and has no place in our schools. This principal has been removed from the school and reassigned away from students.”

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