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Could This J. Cole x Kendrick Lamar Project Be Real?


Could This J. Cole x Kendrick Lamar Project Be Real?

With it being a such an amazing time to be alive and all, it seems the fuel from Drake and Future’s joint “album” and reignited the fire to see (and hear) two of the great lyricists of our time get together for a one-two combo. Of course, I’m talking about Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole who have been teasing us for years with the possibility of a joint project.

Back in the 2011 and the 2012, Kendrick said any joint album between himself and Cole would be a surprise. “We gon drop that out the sky,” he told the LA Leakers in 2012. “I ain’t gonna give no dates, no nothing. I’m just gonna let it fall.”

In 2013, Jermaine told MTV the joint project was on its way and that they had already recorded “too many songs.” Then Kendrick revealed earlier this year during a To Pimp A Butterfly promo run: “Yeah, definitely. I still would love to do it. I talked to the bro, about a little bit over a month and he’s on the tour rocking. So we’re gonna try and make something happen. They want that.”

Let’s hope this tweet floating around the net isn’t just the same talk we’ve heard in years’ past.

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