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DC Police Finally Address Concerns Over Missing Black And Latinx Teens After Lack Of Coverage


DC Police Finally Address Concerns Over Missing Black And Latinx Teens After Lack Of Coverage

Mainstream media has seemingly turned silent following the massive disappearance of over a dozen Black and Latinx teens within the past two weeks in the Washington D.C. area. DC Police are just now acknowledging a continuing problem, as they’ve begun to tweet out updates as they come – but families of those missing and other DC residents are infuriated and still fearful.

In January, 211 were missing and 190 of them were eventually found unharmed. Though 21 were still left unfound, 10 of them were teenage girls. More have been found unharmed since last week, but Police have not disclosed how they were discovered or why they went missing. There’s also a disturbing pattern found surrounding the missing children. They’re all within 13-16 years old; within 5’0-5’7’; and with black hair and brown eyes. Though there is an odd correlation with the abducted teens, DC Police state there is no evidence to suggest that the missing teens are associated with a human trafficking group.

Derrica Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation, says that people of color amount for forty percent of all missing people in the country. She also believes that many black girls are being forced into the sex trade. She is encouraging everyone in the DC and surrounding communities to step up and take action; the effort is a strong first step. She says, “Getting the information out there is great. There’s something clearly going on, and we really have to identify what the issues are. If they’re running away, we need to found out what the underlying issue is, for them leaving the home. And we need to find them, because the world is cold out there.”

According to DC Police the following list are of the teens reported missing in March, who have yet to be found safely. It is encouraged that those with information contact the DC Metro Police, 202-727-9099.

The missing teenage boys are:


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