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Did This 4/20 Nail Trend Go Too Far?


Did This 4/20 Nail Trend Go Too Far?

Yes Yes Yes, we all know that 4/20 was yesterday, and it marked a major day in a lot of stoners’ lives, National Marijuana day.

Now with that being said, there were festivities all around as people celebrated this day in their own special way of being high. From edibles to actually smoking, weed enthusiasts found unique ways to celebrate.

But these weed consumers took it a step further by incorporating it on their nails. No, we don’t mean getting the marijuana symbol polished on, we mean actually using particles of weed and applying them to their acrylics.

How, you may ask? Here’s how it works. By painting the nails over with a clear gel polish, nail techs place pieces of weed on top of the polish and then apply an additional layer of gel polish to trap them inside.

Sound crazy? Yes, we thought so too! Of course, there are those who may be upset that people are taking valuable pieces of weed and putting them on their nails, but for those who don’t actually smoke, this was a cool way to celebrate.

Due to states beginning to actually legalize this drug, we wonder for those who are not already legal, could someone get a ticket for doing this?

Until we know the answer to that, take a look at some of the different designers that people thought of and let us know if this is something you plan to do in the near future.

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