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Did Your Mom Help You Cheat In School? LeBron James Says His Mom Did


Did Your Mom Help You Cheat In School? LeBron James Says His Mom Did

In school, there is one rule that you will constantly hear from preschool to college and beyond… NO CHEATING. That is the one rule that every teacher and those kids who snitched would always mention when it came to homework and tests.

But what about from parents? Usually, a parent would also not condone any form of cheating, but one parent broke that rule by helping her son cheat in the fourth grade.

Basketball superstar LeBron James recently admitted that his mom was one of those cool parents that helped him cheat through his entire 4th-grade career.

In the latest episode of Road Trippin’ With R.J & Channing, James discussed how his upbringing got him to where he is present day, opening up about missing 82 of 181 days in school.

Now, coming from a successful and looked up to basketball player with children of his own, we’re pretty sure he would not be suggesting kids make that same educational decision, but instead he’d encourage them to stay and pay attention in classes.

“Me and my mom went to school one day in the spring time, and my teacher was like, ‘Your son applies himself so much when he’s here, but he’s never here,’” James said. “And my mom said, ‘What can we do so my son doesn’t fail? I don’t want my son to feel like he’s a failure.’ My teacher at the time, and I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, she gave us a stack—and I wish the listeners could see the stack of papers—she said, ‘If your son can finish this stack of extra credit, we’ll pass him.”

Mind blowing for any parent to hear that their son would not be passing a class, so LeBron’s mother Gloria decided she was going to literally do everything for her son to pass by doing some of his homework herself.

“This how G my momma is,” he said. “Me and my momma went home, split the extra credit papers. She did half and I did half. We turned that shit in, and they passed me. That’s why my momma a G to this day.”

Going into his 5th grade year, James moved in with his peewee football coach, who ensured that he was never going to miss a single day of school, which he says helped him turn his life around.

“Without sport, I would’ve been done,” LeBron admits. “Sports saved my life because the streets is so intriguing. What people don’t understand, it’s so intriguing, you don’t understand.”

You can listen to the full podcast below and let us know what you think!

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