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Don’t Be So Nosey: Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, Episode 9


Don’t Be So Nosey: Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, Episode 9

This week, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood continued to bring the waterworks as a few cast members were forced to face more emotional aspects of their lives. While Amber got more details on Miles’ relationship with Milan, Fizz received an eye opening glimpse into the real reason behind Moniece’s anger and Hazel, returning from vacation, found deep struggles with her own insecurities.

Needless to say, LHHH season 4, episode 9 was one for the books. Highlights, anyone?


Amber meet with her sisters to vent more about Miles coming out. She admitted that she’s not upset with Miles simply for his sexuality and she agreed that maybe there had been signs she wasn’t willing to pay attention to. While discussing the situation with her sisters, Amber calls Miles to get answers about the real nature of his relationship with Milan and her sisters listen in as he admits that he and Milan have been having sex. Amber continues to press Miles about what else he hasn’t told her and when he reveals that he has actually been in a full fledged relationship with Milan.


Teairra met with Moniece at the nail salon where they discuss their altercation with Princess. Teairra confides in Moniece that she was most taken aback by Princess claiming that she told Ray J to move Princess out so she could move back in, but says she’s since decided to let it all go and focus her energy on her business ventures. Moniece is slightly surprised when Teairra then changes the subject and reveals that she’s decided to have liposuction because she’s uncomfortable with her recent weight gain.

Meanwhile, Fizz expresses frustration over having to bear the brunt of parenting responsibilities for he and Moniece’s young son. Fizz admits that Cameron is always excited to see Moniece when she comes to pick him up, but says she only shows up on occasion and rarely without him prodding her.


Nikki goes to visit Hazel after finding out about an ATV accident during Hazel’s recent trip to Dubai. Milan greets her at the door and they head upstairs to find Hazel talking with Teairra in her room. She fills all of them in on the details of her accident and eventually confiding in her friends that the pressures to look good in order to keep a job in Hollywood are weighing on her heavily. Nikki, Milan and Teairra all comfort her and encourage her not to feed into the negativity.

Later, Teairra accompanies Hazel to her first doctor’s visit following reconstructive surgery on her nose. Hazel is hopeful that her nose will have returned to it’s normal shape so that she can get back to work, but breaks down in tears when the doctor shows her her reflection after removing the bandages.


Nia, who decided to take some time apart from Soulja Boy after their heated argument last week, decides to keep busy by hosting a Hollywood event. Surprisingly, Nia’s father, producer Teddy Riley, makes an appearance and asks to speak privately with his daughter. Nia appears slightly stunned when her father mentions the rumors about Soulja Boy’s involvement with Nas. When he says he thinks she deserves better, she insists that she has her relationship under control.

Soulja Boy and Nia meet up after Nia’s chat with her father. She tells him that her dad questioned why they’re still together and says she doesn’t want her father thinking that he’s a bad person. When she says she wants them to get better and questions their future, Soulja Boy agrees and indicates that he’s ready to move forward.


Brandi and Max meet with Nick Cannon to discuss the future of her rap group – Queenz, which is signed to his NCredible record label. Nick is doubtful that Brandi will take her role in the group seriously after having to deal with her temper on numerous occasions. When he suggests that Brandi work with Max since he is her husband, Max reluctantly agrees but warns Brandi that the arrangement will only work out if she maintains her professionalism. Later on in the studio, Max attempts to coach Brandi and her group member but things go left when Brandi becomes defensive of his criticism.


Fizz meets with Moniece’s mother, Marla, to try and get her to talk to Moniece about her absence in their son’s life. When he vents to Marla about feeling taken advantage of, he is shocked by her response. Marla suggests that Fizz go to court to get full custody of their son, which would enable him to receive child support from Moniece. Despite Marla’s suggestion, Fizz becomes saddened at the thought of completely taking Cameron away from Moniece. When Marla states that she doesn’t think Moniece or Fizz are stepping up he way that they should be as parents, he cuts her off and is driven to tears when describing how much it hurts him to see his son not have a mother in his life because Moniece won’t make time to be there. He also takes Marla to task for not supporting Moniece through her struggle and says he couldn’t imagine managing as a single parent without the support of his own mother. Marla’s evil demeanor softens slightly, but she insists that this is their problem.


In the most emotional moment of the night, Fizz touches base with Moniece while she’s rehearsing for an upcoming performance. When Fizz questions her about why she’s missed 3 weekends in a row with their son, Moniece becomes defensive. Noticing that he’s irritated her, Fizz insists that he didn’t come to bash but rather to talk to her in hopes of figuring out a better arrangement. Fizz then reveals that he met with Moniece’s mother to ask her about helping. Moniece says the fact that Fizz and her mother met behind her back to talk about her parenting is infuriating. She then breaks down in tears while insisting that she feels as though no one cares and Fizz comforts her. He also admits that he didn’t realize, until meeting with her mother, just how much Moniece is lacking a support system.

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