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Ex-NYPD Sergeant Gets 28 Years in Prison For Persuading Women To Sexually Abuse Infants And Children


Ex-NYPD Sergeant Gets 28 Years in Prison For Persuading Women To Sexually Abuse Infants And Children

Reportedly, a former New York Police Department sergeant was meeting women online, further persuading the women to sexually abuse babies. He will now face 28 years in prison for these acts.

The man has been identified as Alberto Randazzo, 40, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy with five women. He would sometimes have the children’s own mothers sexually abuse the children, send him multiple pictures of child pornography, as well as pictures of the women performing the sex acts.

An assistant US Attorney, Tyler Smith, called Randazzo “One of the worst child sex offenders to come through the Brooklyn federal system, he literally created child abusers.”

Randazzo was known for befriending multiple women and mothers on sites like One woman, named Ashley Madison, was one of the women who Randazzo convinced to abuse children.

In addition, Randazzo would watch the abuse acts on Skype, and even went to hotel rooms at least twice a day in hopes of watching the abuse live and up close.

The perverted abuse began back in 2010 and carried on until now, when Randazzo was a supervisor in the Midtown North Precinct. He had a then-girlfriend, who said she was already concerned he might be a pedophile because he spent more time talking to a seven-year-old girl at a holiday party than the adults.

She mentioned to the courts that she came across disgusting texts showing Randazzo telling another woman he wanted to have sex with her on a child’s bed. He even wrote that he wanted to have a baby so that he and the mother could abuse the young victim together.

Randazzo was arrested on charges of having over 23 sexual images of children as young as one.

Two women have also pleaded guilty to charges in the case.

Keira Norton, 43, from Colorado, had previously pleaded guilty to a charge of distributing child pornography for simulating a sex act on her one-year-old child.

Leigh Marcini, 39, of Pennsylvania, has also pleaded guilty to texting images of herself performing a sex act on a two-year-old boy to Randazzo.

The third woman is awaiting trial.

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