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[Exclusive]: Meagan Good Directs Joelle Ashley’s New Music Video “Rescue Me”


[Exclusive]: Meagan Good Directs Joelle Ashley’s New Music Video “Rescue Me”

Meagan Good continues to stay busy, even behind the scenes! This time, she is directing a music video.

Hollywood Unlocked caught up with the beautiful actress and her BFF singer, Joelle Ashley, for her new video, Rescue Me.

Good talked about how excited she was to join Ashley for the project, and what fans can expect in the video.

“You’re getting to see two sides of her, one side of her pretends to be a diva, pretends to be in control, but is really unhappy and is in pain,” she said. “The other version that is her is vulnerable and scared and trying to figure it out, trying to find her way.”

Ashley shared her sentiments of how excited she is to be working with Meagan.

“I know she loves to direct so this is just amazing for the both of us.”


Take a look at the exclusive BTS footage.

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