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Find Out Who Dies In Power Season 5


Find Out Who Dies In Power Season 5

This season of Power ended with a literal bang, and had us at the edge of our seats…..but, it’s not over yet.

A few little birdies have let us in on a new secret. We might be saying farewell to another character. Even though we are still recovering from losing GHOST’s daughter in a tragic shooting……some of which had been leaked before the release of the episode, it looks like there’s been another potential leak.


Now, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming.


Dre has been irritating those on screen, and off screen. He went from being one of our favorite characters, to being as hated as Angela. Now he’s about to get his tea served extra cold. In an image that was briefly shared, Dre, played by Rotimi is seen to be gunned down as he is eating. Rumors are flying around that this will be a part of season 5, episode 1, which may air sooner than you think!

Stay tuned, for more!

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