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Floyd Mayweather Came To The Defense of This Surprising Star


Floyd Mayweather Came To The Defense of This Surprising Star

It’s not often that Floyd Mayweather is coming to the defense of other athletes, but he did just that when Adrien Broner decided to talk out of the other side of his face. After his last fight, Broner decided to make a lame Caitlyn Jenner joke that only drew laughs from the folks on his payroll.

Broner threw that shot at one of Floyd’s Money Team Promotions fighters, Ashley Theophane and Floyd didn’t take to kindly to the disrespect. In a new interview with FightHype, the Champ had a few strong words for Broner:

I mean, you are there taking shots at Bruce Jenner. When it’s all said and done, let Bruce Jenner live his life the way he wanna live his life. Bruce Jenner don’t even know who Adrien Broner is, but Adrien Broner do know who Bruce Jenner is.

Despite Floyd calling Caitlyn by her former name, his point is spot on. He also went on to say that Broner “has a lot of growing up to do.” Well, isn’t this a breath of fresh post-retirement air?

Via Fight Hype

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