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“The Champ Is Here” – Floyd Mayweather Grants Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored Exclusive Access


“The Champ Is Here” – Floyd Mayweather Grants Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored Exclusive Access

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio is back with your favorite #Uncensored hosts, Jason Lee, GioVanni Watson, and Claudia Jordan, who fills in for Melyssa Ford while she’s away. The champ is here! Floyd Mayweather stops by and grants our hosts exclusive access.

While everyone knows Floyd never travels alone, this is the first time the show has ever had an audience. However, the show kicks off with the self-made billionaire giving our hosts an exclusive key to ask any question. Gio jumps right in with the first question that may be obvious to most, “Did you get some ass?” Claudia jumps right in and adds that Gio hasn’t had sex in a year. Mayweather looks surprised as he asks Gio for the reason, and Lee interrupts the conversation by putting “Gio’s sex life” on pause.

As the show continues, Mayweather unlocks details on his latest victory against Conor McGregor.  While the fight almost didn’t happen, Floyd shares his secret on how he devised his plan that went from him being turned down twice to the world demanding a fight between a boxer and an MMA fighter.

Controversy and Conspiracy Surrounding The Fight…

The conversation takes a slight shift as Claudia points out how Floyd took the high road and refrained from taking shots at McGregor after the fight was over.  The champ makes it known that the beef between the two fighters was far from fake. He continues by telling the hosts:

“I don’t have to continue to beat a man down after I already beat him down (Physically).”

Floyd also addresses the build up to the fight and how he won the “War of the Words,” as he broke down his thought process and how he thought about his family, friends, and all his businesses. As the conversation takes another shift, Lee points out how McGregor snagged a play from the “Pretty Boy Floyd” blueprint and really acted his part. He continues to point out how the war of words led to McGregor calling the women around the champ prostitutes, creating a very hostile situation for them in London.

Floyd says those things will happen, however, what he has learned is to stay relaxed and keep his composure. He also shares that he understands that this is what comes with the territory. And while he admits to saying things that he shouldn’t say, Lee brings up the one name he used that caused a media frenzy and a hailstorm of backlash: “Faggot.”

Socialites! Press Play above for the full interview as the discussion continues and the champ gets uncensored with our hosts while unlocking details surrounding the relationship he has with the women in his life! 


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