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Former NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Found Dead In Massachusetts Prison Cell


Former NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Found Dead In Massachusetts Prison Cell

Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has been pronounced dead after officials found him hanging in his Massachusetts prison cell.

According to officials, around 3:05 this morning, Hernandez was discovered by a corrections officer hanging from the window.

“Lifesaving techniques were attempted on Mr. Hernandez and he was transported to UMASS Leominster, where he was pronounced dead at 4:07 a.m. by a physician at the hospital.”

Hernandez, who was serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder, was recently acquitted Friday for a 2012 double murder case involving the boyfriend of his fiancee’s sister.

During his final days in court, Hernandez’ finance, Shayanna Jenkins, and their 4-year-old daughter, were seen at the hearing, where his daughter blew him a kiss before he was taken to the back.

According to CNN, “Mr. Hernandez was in a single cell in a general population housing. Mr. Hernandez hanged himself utilizing a bed sheet that he attached to his cell window. Mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items.”

As more details develop, we will keep you updated. Until then, Massachusetts police have notified his family and are in the process of a full investigation.

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