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Former Versace Store Clerk Sues Over Secret ‘Black Code’


Former Versace Store Clerk Sues Over Secret ‘Black Code’

A former Versace employee is suing Versace, with claims that the luxury retailer store in the San Francisco Bay Area used the code ‘D410’ to alert other co-workers when a black customer would enter the store.

This accusation of discrimination against the fashion retailer was quickly denied, and there was a request for the case to be dropped. In a 30-page lawsuit, the former employee claims that “The manager instructed the plaintiff to say ‘D410’ in a causal manner when a black person entered the store” to “alert co-workers.” The lawsuit was filed last month in the California Superior Court in Alameda County.
The former employee was ultimately fired for which he claims the reason is “Not Living the Luxury Life.” This also came after he disclosed to his manager that he was African-American.

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