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Fox News’ Eric Bolling Suspended Amidst Texting Scandal


Fox News’ Eric Bolling Suspended Amidst Texting Scandal

It looks like Fox News is taking another hit.

Early Saturday, business host Eric Bolling was suspended from air “pending the results of an investigation”.

The Huffington post has learned that the suspension comes after multiple woman reported that Bolling sent numerous texts and photos that were unsolicited. He allegedly sent pictures of his genitals to fellow co-workers.

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Bolling first joined Fox News back in 2008 where he started hosting the Saturday morning business show ‘Cashin’. The show had been taped per usual, but was pulled late last night once the allegations were brought to light.

The female employees involved in the scandal state they knew it was Bolling from the number used in the exchanges. The identities of the women have not been released to the public.

Bolling has since denied any involvement in the allegations made against him. His attorney Michael J. Bowe wrote in an email,

‘The anonymous, uncorroborated claims are untrue and terribly unfair. ‘We intend to fully cooperate with the investigation so that it can be concluded and Eric can return to work as quickly as possible.’

Bolling’s suspension is the latest in a string of sexual harassment cases that have been made against Fox News personalities. Charles Payne was also suspended earlier this year.




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