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Future Basically Just Said ‘Blac Chyna, Who?’


Future Basically Just Said ‘Blac Chyna, Who?’


Rumors of a growing romance between Future and Blac Chyna have been swirling for a few weeks since the two were spotted at various events in the same vicinity. Since neither ever officially claimed the other, we didn’t think much about it because in Hollywood nothing is certain unless you hear it from the source. That said, is the situation strong enough for Chyna (who has a son by ex Tyga) to make some permanent decisions?


One would think a tattoo with your boo’s stage name would pretty much mean this thang is OFFICIAL – all caps – right?

Well, according to Future himself you couldn’t be more wrong. The rapper just posted a clear message, “Single and focusing on what makes me happy.” While nothing is impossible, we’re pretty sure this is a definite indication that Chyna and Future were never even an item. At least we hope she didn’t do something like this for a man who would make it very clear that he is not attached.

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