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Georgia Teen Stages Fake Drug Bust For A Prom Proposal [Video]


Georgia Teen Stages Fake Drug Bust For A Prom Proposal [Video]


What would you do if your boyfriend staged a drug bust and arrest for you, all just to ask you to prom? These days, the younger generation is getting more and more creative as they find ways to ask a friend or significant other to prom. This young man might have the craziest prom proposal this year!

The young boy, who is unnamed, had the Peachtree City Police Department work with him as he asked his girlfriend to prom. The video above shows what appears to be a routine traffic stop, but after officers pull over his white pick-up truck, they started to investigate the couple in the vehicle.

Apparently, there’s “a little history on the truck,” so the couple is asked to step out of the vehicle, and after a back-and-forth conversation about searching the vehicle, the officer eventually pulls out what he believes is two bags of weed.

However, his girlfriend, who is also unnamed, starts freaking out, and they both deny that the marijuana is theirs. The cop asks the girl to inspect one of the bags, which has a piece of paper in it.

Things went from sour to sweet, as her expression turned into a smile when she realizes it was all a prank, and he was just asking her to prom.

He eventually pulls out a sign, that says “Prom? Say Yes or You’re Under Arrest!”

She said yes!

Socialites, what were some of the ways you were asked to prom? Let us know your experiences in the comment section below.

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