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Gucci Mane Met His Favorite Author And Here’s What They Discussed

Gucci Mane


Gucci Mane Met His Favorite Author And Here’s What They Discussed

Thanks to Twitter Atlanta based rapper and a New York staff writer and author for over 20 years recently sat down for an in-depth interview. Here’s what he unlocked:

While it may seem like an unlikely pair to create a budding friendship to most, hailed as the Trap God, Gucci Mane has finally met his favorite author, Malcolm Gladwell this past Monday night. The two men sat down at the YouTube Space in Manhattan, where Gladwell picked the rapper’s brain.

As reported by High Snobiety,  Gucci gave Gladwell the exclusive key as he unlocked details on his productivity in prison, staying relevant to who he admired and looked to as a role model.

The rapper spent nearly two years in prison before he was released a few months early last year. The “So Icy” rapper revealed his time in prison was spent either reading books from the likes of Gladwell, Joel Osteen and Robert Greene, working out, or writing his own book.

Speaking of writing his own book, The Autobiography of Gucci Maneis set to be released September 19th.

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As the discussion continued Gucci admits to not knowing how he received the moniker, “Trap God.” He tells Gladwell:

“I am just a fan of music. I grew up listening to gangsta rap. To me, trap rap is just like gangster rap but to me the difference is most of the guys who are trap rap ain’t gangstas.”  

He continues by saying:

“I’m a big fan of trap music, I understand the name but I grew up on gangsta music. But I got a son, I would love for him to make trap music but I don’t want him to live the gangsta life.So I’m not knockin’ people who do it, but it’s like, I would see [my son] imitating me and making a beat like mine, or using the words I use, but he doesn’t have to go out there and do the things that I did just to make the music. So I’m all for it but what drew me into [music] was that it was real.”

When Gladwell asked how he stays relevant musically, Gucci had this to say:

“I just keep making myself accessible to the youth; the new artists, the new producers, the new DJs, the new sound. I’m just curious. I may not like this genre of music as much as I liked the old genre but I’m still curious about it. I still want to sign the next hot artist whether he’s alternative, hip hop, r&b, soul, whatever. I want to find something good and I’m always willing to collaborate and I feel like that keeps me on my toes. It pushes me.”

He continues by also noting that he believes that when a lot of artist reach a certain status that they don’t collaborate. He describes the artist as self-destructing by saying, “The more money they make, the more closed off they are.” He also adds that the price they charge for a feature is too high and they just sort of close themselves in.

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Music Regrets, Role Models, And The Most Talented Young Hip-Hop Artist

While the Trap God has made over 30 + mixtapes, when Gladwell asked if he had any songs he regretted, he admits to regretting recording Pillz. He revealed that during the time of recording the song he was “high as hell.” He said men though he made millions, he felt as though he was telling on himself.

As the conversation continued, He admits that it rare for him to hear a song that makes him want to go into the studio. However, he adds that when he hears 50 Cents, Get Rich or Die Trying album, it makes him want to record.

He says:

Maybe it’s because I don’t know these new artists but I felt like I knew the other artists. Because I was locked up I don’t know these knew people. I felt like I knew BG. I don’t care what he say, if BG makes an album I want it, if C Murda makes an album, I want it, if 50 Cent make an album, I’ve got to listen to it regardless because I feel like I know them from being a fan of their music for so many years.”

When it came to who the rapper who’s career he admired the most as well as whom he looked to as a role model, he says that Jay-Z should be commended for being business savvy along with being a successful rapper. However, southern rap artists, Pimp C and Project Pat were the two rappers who declared as role models.

Press Play for a list of top 5 songs that Gucci Mane says his 14-year-old self would take on a desert island, which include:

(I’m Bad – LL Cool J
Children’s Story – Slick Rick
Easy Does It – Easy E
Cocktails – Too $hort
“Anything by Uncle Luke, anything that 2 Live Crew Made. They was just bad so that made me like them.”)

And when it came to the most talented young hip-hop artist right now, he admits that he used to feel as though it was Young Thug, however, he now has a change of heart. In fact, he has declared a tie between Young Thug and Quavo.

Gucci Mane’s Workout Playlist!

When it comes to burning it up in the gym, Gucci unlocked his musical preferences. He told Gladwell that he likes to listen to music that will take his mind off working out. He revealed his playlist consists of artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Triple X, 6lack, SZA, and Solange.

Press Play below for the top five songs Gucci Mane would take with him on a desert  island.

Many Men (Wish Death) – 50 Cent
Pocket Full of Stones – UGK
Lay it Down – 8Ball and MJG
Cocaine (America Has a Problem) – Kilo Ali
First Day Out Tha Feds – Gucci Mane


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