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Can You Guess Which Former Destiny’s Child Singer Is Getting Her Own Docuseries?

Original Destiny's Child


Can You Guess Which Former Destiny’s Child Singer Is Getting Her Own Docuseries?

While it’s been 20 years since she was dismissed as one of the original four from the luminary R&B group Destiny’s Child, this singer-actress continues to pave her own path and legacy with new material.

Additionally, the 35-year-old tells folks she’s not “bitter” and not to pity her dismissal as she simultaneously writes her own memoir and produces a docuseries to marry, touching on addiction, sexual abuse and depression.

#Socialities, between Kelly RowlandLaTavia RobersonLeToya Luckett and Beyonce Knowles can you guess which member it is?

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Here’s another hint, she began as one of the original four comprised of Bey, Kelly, LeToya and LaTavia.

If you guessed LaTavia Roberson, you’re correct!

Additionally, before DC was trio with Bey, Kelly and Michelle, the original four found themselves with two replacements by 2000.

Furthermore, management dismissed Roberson and Luckett and welcomed Michelle and Farrah.

Shortly after, Franklin left leaving the group as a trio heading into their third album Survivor.

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Moreover, Roberson is now ready to share her journey since her time in the group, by releasing her memoir, I Am LaTavia in the near future.

In addition to speaking on her life pre-DC and during, she recounts her post-DC journey of battling personal demons like addiction, sexual assault and her own depression.

“Well, since I was dismissed from Destiny’s Child, I went into a place of depression from childhood — being molested by my stepfather, dealing with substance abuse and stuff like that. There was a point in time where I couldn’t be vocal about things because I had no voice.”

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Additionally, she tells Billboard that the memoir and docuseries will cover:

“My life, and being transparent about the times nobody saw me after Destiny’s Child. A lot of people were wondering what was going on with me, and I thought that it was fair to let them know exactly what I was going through, and speak about my life in the group. It was something I always wanted to do. To piggyback that, I had been in talks with a production company to start a docuseries based on my book, which I’m very excited to be the Executive Producer of.”

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#PressPlay below to stream LaTavia Roberson – “Best Time of Your Life” released earlier this summer in honor of Pride Month!

#PressNext below to view images of LaTavia and former Destiny’s Child band-mates!

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Original Destiny's Child


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