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Hee.Larry.Us: Kanye West Finally Gets His Own Emoji


Hee.Larry.Us: Kanye West Finally Gets His Own Emoji

Have you ever been having a text conversation and thought a Kanye West blank stare would fit perfectly in response to someone’s f*ckery? Well, you’ll finally get the opportunity to insert your *KanyeShrug* sans asterisks thanks to developer Charles Polk.

Charlie is making life easier for all of us with his app YEMOJI, which adds a Kanye emoji keyboard to your phone. Yes, with one quick scroll you too can send a Kanye frown to a friend whenever the conversation permits. Hell, I’ll probably be using these faces instead of words for a solid two weeks.

The greatest part of this all is the amount of tongue-in-cheek hyperbole the YEMOJI site uses to describe the app, calling it “THE GREATEST KEYBOARD OF ALL-TIME.” Yes, in all caps. If you’d like to “express your inner Ye in every situation,” you can download YEMOJI here.

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