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History Teacher Raps About The Civil War Using Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” Beat



History Teacher Raps About The Civil War Using Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” Beat


Apparently, the rap group Migos’ song “Bad and Boujee” has been the number one song to teach a class a lesson. For one middle school teacher in Georgia, the song was perfect for describing a Civil War history lesson.

Mr. David Yancey is a middle school teacher in Georgia who teaches social studies. He expressed, “I am a middle school social studies teacher and I try my best to engage the students where they are.”


“I try to build rapport, teach the material, and ultimately bridge the gap. Too often teachers just tell students to learn things because we say so, but instead we need to meet them where they are. I ask the students the song that the kids are into and I adjust the content to match.”

Yancey tweaked the lyrics “my chick is Bad and Boujee,” to “my troops are mad and losing,” with references to General Grant and the Emancipation Proclamation popping up later in teacher David Yancey’s take on the Culture single.

Check out Yancey’s full lyrical sermon here:

Last month, Yancey shared an educational reworking of Adele’s “Hello.”

Ultimately, the reason for Migos’ hit single being so large is because they got a surprising shout-out at the Golden Globes last month, when Atlanta star and creator Donald Glover gave so much praise during his Best Actor acceptance speech.

Socialites, what do you think of this teaching method? Let us know in the comment section below.

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