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Hol’ Up: Young Thug Says He’s The Thug Tupac Shakur Never Became: “I’m The #NewPac”


Hol’ Up: Young Thug Says He’s The Thug Tupac Shakur Never Became: “I’m The #NewPac”

Young Thug Claims He’s The New Version Of The Late Tupac Shakur.

Last Friday, June 16, Atlanta Rapper Young Thug dropped his highly anticipated album, Beautiful Thugger Girls. This was the same day as the late rap legend Tupac’s birthday. Thugger’s release was no coincidence. Last night, he took to Twitter to share why he chose to release the project on that date.

“I dropped E.B.B.T.G on 2PAC’S bday because I’m the #newPAC,” he wrote. “I feel like I am the thug he didn’t get to become #SoImGoinFinishWhatHeStarted”

Now, this isn’t the first rapper who has been influenced by Pac. However, his comparison statement really rubbed Twitter the wrong way.

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Back in April, Troy Ave got similar backlash after his interview with The Breakfast Club. Troy claimed that he was the second coming of Tupac. He backed up his statement by releasing a song called “New Pac” shortly after.

It’s clear that most rappers want to be just as great as Pac, however, his focus and distinct sound is hard to duplicate.

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#Socialites, Are These Rappers Reaching With The Tupac Comparisons, Or Are They Really Just On Some Other Ish? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

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