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Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: The “Curve Queen” Returns From Australia


Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: The “Curve Queen” Returns From Australia

Today on Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio, we’re live with your favorite #uncensored hosts, Jason Lee, Giovanni Watson, and yes! Melyssa Ford A.K.A the “Curve Queen,” has returned from her Australian vacay, and she is glowing! Melyssa shares details about her visit to Australia, from visiting the botanical gardens, 4-hour hiking to the eye candy, and trying kangaroo balls.

GioVanni’s weekend consisted of him preparing to leave for his role in an upcoming movie as well as bumping into Jason while he and his girl were out at Chapel Club at The Abbey in West Hollywood. Giovanni calls Jason a “savage” after witnessing how Jason is working the room and getting numbers. As the hosts round up their weekend recap, Jason shares that he was able to hang out with his “gay friends” as well as support his friends Ty Hunter and Claire Sulmers at their weekend event. Jason shares a confession from Ty Hunter no one would have ever suspected happened to a man who styled Beyonce.

The mood in the room shifted after talks of Ty’s confession to Jason, leading into this week’s trending topics. The hosts jump in with talks of the chemical bomb that was released in Syria, Donald Trump’s position on the current state of Syria, and the effects of what’s happening with their citizens.

As trending topics continue, the hosts also talk Beyonce and Jay Z’s 9 year anniversary, and the release of a new compilation of their family pictures along with the song, “Die with You.” Jason admits to being an emotional wreck after the events in Syria and the release of Beyonce’s video. He also shares what he would do if Beyonce were his friend while in a meeting with people with money. Melyssa suggests a solution and tells him just to switch her name to Beyonce and have her call him. Hmm… That may not be a bad idea. While Jason says he might do that, Giovanni adds that he feels like it is corny to add in celebrity names as contacts, and that he only uses initials.

The discussion continues with talks of Chance the Rapper donating $2.2 million to Chicago schools, sparking an outcry from the community for him to run for mayor. The hosts go on to discuss feminists not being happy with lyrics in Kendrick Lamar’s new song “Humble,” Bobby Shmurda’s current hourly earnings, Bill Cosby and his rape case, and more controversial topics.

#PressPlay and join the conversation! Also, tune in to find out who was stopping by today with a special announcement and why you will now have to wait until next week!

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