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HU exclusive: Alexis Sky On Leaving Fetty Wap, Dealing With Sidechicks, and Love & Hip Hop


HU exclusive: Alexis Sky On Leaving Fetty Wap, Dealing With Sidechicks, and Love & Hip Hop

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Unlocked, founder Jason Lee was able to sit down with Alexis Skyy, who opened up about her past relationship with rapper Fetty Wap.

A little over two weeks ago, the 22-year-old Long Island Native, who resides in Atlanta, was hit with the news that a sex tape of her and Wap was circulating around the internet, with Wap claiming that Skyy had something to do with the release.

While Skyy maintains her innocence and is adamant that she did not release the tape, not too many people have heard her side of the story regarding her entire relationship with the Trap Queen rapper, who she has not spoken to since the sex tape leaked.

Wap and Sky met when she was a dancer at the popular Atlanta strip club, Magic City. However, when their relationship began to grow, Wap did not want her dancing anymore, so he took her out of the club.

Although she did not want to stop dancing, she left the club to start a life with the rapper. Months into their relationship, Sky found out via Instagram that Wap was expecting a baby.

Sky states that she found out about all of Wap’s new babies on social media, the most recent baby being with Love and Hip Hop cast member Masika Kalysha. All of this was happening while Skyy and Wap were still in a relationship.

Skyy, who has never had the opportunity to talk openly about her feelings towards Wap, exclusively told Lee that while Kalysha was pregnant, she was also pregnant, but due to the stress of being cheated on, she suffered a miscarriage.

More recently, Wap was said to have a new girlfriend, who Skyy found out about in an abnormal situation.

After Skyy attended the AMA’s alone, she went to watch Netflix for her own “Netflix and chill” night, when she noticed that her name was no longer on the account, with Wap’s new side chick being on there instead.

But that’s not where it ends. Skyy told Lee that back in November during the Thanksgiving holiday, Wap was expected to be in Atlanta, but missed his flight and was later spotted with his new girlfriend.

Being put through all of the drama with Wap didn’t set Skyy back. She continued to do her and live her best life, saying she would never talk down on Wap, no matter what he put her through.

As for the other women in Wap’s life that have come for her on social media, Skyy told Lee she has learned that “every action does not need a reaction.”

You can check out the full interview with more questions and answers with Jason Lee and Alexis Skyy below!

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