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HU Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Keke Palmer’s New Music Video ‘Wind Up’ [Video]


HU Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Keke Palmer’s New Music Video ‘Wind Up’ [Video]


Socialites, if you have been waiting for singer and actress Keke Palmer to bless your speakers with some more hot music, well the wait is now over!

Palmer has a new single that has been released called ‘Wind Up’, featuring Atlanta’s hottest rapper Quavo, from the rap group Migos. Written and produced by Sean Garrett, Keke opens up to tell a little bit about how her family moved to California in a caravan, and how she is now ‘bossed up’ and working hard to be a bad-ass female in today’s society.

Shot right here in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Palmer had an amazing crew to bring her song to life. She took us around her music video set, as she helped direct multiple scenes that would also complete her visual. Towards the end of a long first day, Keke let us get glimpse of her ‘freestyle’ segment where she dances to the entire song multiple times, and even did a slow-motion rendition.

When asked to sit down with Hollywood Unlocked Keke was more than warm and welcoming. I asked Palmer to give us some more insight about her video and the concept, she expressed, “Is pretty much, I’m giving a ted-talk, so I had to think what would Keke Palmer’s ted-talk look like.

Continued …

“The reason I love this song so much is because it is the first song to really be able to tell my story, riding in a caravan, me, my momma, my muthaf***** clan from the gutter, that was really my life.”

When asked what does ‘Wind Up’ mean, Keke stated, “Wind up pretty much just means, you are winding up, you’re revving up, you’re pretty much getting ready to do your thing!”

Moreover, while Palmer is revisiting her music roots, she has not let go of acting. She currently is working on a new show in the U.K. The song ‘Wind Up,’ is now currently streaming on iTunes.

Socialites are you here for Keke Palmer’s new music? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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