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HU Exclusive: Sibley Scoles to Host New Oxygen Competition Series!


HU Exclusive: Sibley Scoles to Host New Oxygen Competition Series!

From serving as an on-air host for iHeart Radio’s Real 92.3 FM as well as becoming Diddy’s first female host of his music television show on Revolt TV to slaying red carpet interviews as well as a correspondent for E! News. Sibley Scoles A.K.A “Sib Vicious,” has given us the keys as she heads over to Oxygen to host the competition series,“The Battle of the Ex-Besties” and I’m #unlocking all the details!

In an exclusive interview, Sibley Scoles #unlocked details into the new Oxygen show follows 14 ex- best friends trying to get over their past differences as they battle it out for a grand prize of $100k. As the show’s host, Sibley will not only deliver the challenges, she will also give the news of which ex-best friend team will stay and who will be sent packing!

Hosting this show is a new venture for Scoles. She stated that although she has never hosted a show quite like this one, the transition was exciting. The red carpet host said,“The contestants were awesome, and everyone was in it to win it especially with the $100k on the line.” She went on to say that it was a great feeling to see the contestants grow throughout the competition. Sibley also revealed that upon bringing out the contestants for the first time delivering the one ‘catch’ that could determine if they were in or out of the competition, it was the first time each team of ex-besties has seen each other since going their separate ways and the reaction you will see is VERY real. She explained that she could see some of the tension boiling up in their faces as they came face to face. Scoles continues by saying that the ex-besties will face many challenges from jumping in garbage cans to backpacking. However, when they see her coming, she could hear the,”Uh-Oh here comes Sibley,” while delivering the next challenge or the decision that could cost them $100k!

 ” Some dramatic things have happen, but it’s cool to how they can mend it to get back together and work together.”

When asked if she could either relate to any situation or even seen it played out with others, Sib Vicious admitted to never having anything as severe as what these ex-besties went through and that she keeps a pretty tight-knit circle of friends. However, she did say, “The transition is real,” and that she believes that people go through a transition period as you get older and grow and that the best person you thought was your best friend may no longer share the same view and beliefs as you do. Scoles said the coolest part of watching everything unfold from start to finish was witnessing the friendships start to build again.

What’s Next For Sib Vicious?

Sibley is hoping for a season 2 of the Battle of the Ex-Besties, but for now you can still catch her hosting red carpet events as well as on E! News.

Make sure to tune into Oxygen’s The Battle of the Ex-Besties, premiering Tuesday, February 14th at 9pm ET/PT.

You can follow Sibley Scoles on social media via Twitter and Instagram at: @sib_vicious

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