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HU Exclusive: Soulja Boy Sounds Off On Not Returning To LHHH & Beating Chris Brown


HU Exclusive: Soulja Boy Sounds Off On Not Returning To LHHH & Beating Chris Brown


In the Hollywood Unlocked exclusive interview with Floyd Mayweather and Soulja Boy, HU founder Jason Lee was not afraid to dig deep and get the answers we’re all dying to know.

One thing Soulja Boy touched on that was news to us is the idea that this feud with Chris Brown may actually stem from something that happened years ago. He says that when Chris Brown allegedly hit Rihanna, he was there to comfort the singer by letting her come to his show, and having a movie night in her hotel room soon afterwards. Apparently, Chris Brown didn’t like that Soulja Boy was there to comfort RiRi, so he called him up and made sure that the rapper wasn’t sleeping with his ex. Sound familiar?

As it turns out, Soulja Boy and RiRi did NOT have sex, but he was simply there for her during a rough time, as a friend.

#PressPlay to hear Soulja tell the story:


Lee continues the interview and asks how Soulja Boy feels about the people who criticize his and Chris Brown’s actions on social media, and say that he is not setting a good example as someone who made it out from the hood and into a life of fame and luxury. To this, Soulja Boy responds with the idea that at the end of the day, we’re all human beings, and we will make mistakes one way or another.

For those Love & Hip Hop lovers, Jason made sure to ask Soulja Boy whether or not he will be returning to the show, to which he responds with saying that he does not plan on returning, and that leaving the show was the best thing he could have done for his career. Not only that, but he spills some more tea and says that he only did the show because he was promised his own reality show after filming two seasons of Love & Hip Hop, but that never happened, even after filming three seasons. Floyd was able to relate to this statement in the interview, where he says even in the boxing world, they have to deal with broken promises.

When Jason proceeds to ask his final question, which is whether or not Floyd plans on signing Soulja Boy to Mayweather Promotions after the big fight happens, Floyd jokingly says that Jason had already used his last question, and the interview ends.

Check out the full interview above.

#Socialites, will you tune in for the big fight? If so, who would you bet on winning?

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