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HU Exclusive: TV One’s 2017 “Upfront” Showcases The Best Of Black Television!

Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez for TV One


HU Exclusive: TV One’s 2017 “Upfront” Showcases The Best Of Black Television!

The entertainment network, TV One, hosted their upfronts on Thursday (April 20) at the Chelsea Piers in New York, to reveal some exciting news on what’s to come for this year and the following on their growing platform.

Along with Hollywood Unlocked and the TV One team, stars like News One Now host Roland Martin, actress Tasha Smith, and actor and actress David and Tamela Mann were all in attendance to hear the network’s plans to remain the well respected platform that best represents black culture: “the past, present and future.”

Roland Martin, Tasha Smith, David & Tamela Manns via Getty images)

There’s definitely a lot happening. For starters, the president of TV One, Bradley J. Siegel, announced that their morning show, News One Now, will expand its hours to 2 full hours. The show, which has been with the network for 3 years, wants to cover more news on what’s happening in the black communities, as they feel it’s needed now more than ever.

“What we’re trying to do by expanding to two hours is go beyond with what we’re doing right now. Yes, we’ll do politics, but we will be doing more on personal finance, fitness, health, business and so many other different subjects.”

Roland Martin, who has been with network for over 13 years, announced that the news show will also be changing its name to “Black America Today.” He also shared that over the course of the three years, their “numbers have been growing expediently,” due to their unapologetic content.

(Roland Martin at the TV One’s Upfront at Chelsea Piers in New York. Via Getty Images)

To add to their morning agenda, they will have a third hour that will consist of a live daily talk show hosted by a panel of four women. Further details on that will be announced within the next two weeks.

Senior Vice President of Programming, D’Angela Proctor, later presented the three shows that will join the true crime and justice program. The new series, Two Sides of the Truth, that is co-produced by Viola Davis, along with Hotlanta and Evidence of Innocence, are now set to air on Monday and Sunday nights.

For the network’s Tuesday nights, dedicated to reality shows, TV One has now added the new docuseries “The Manns,” which captures the lives of actor and music stars David and Tamela Manns and their family.

(David & Tamela Manns speaking at the TV One’s Upfront at Chelsea Piers in New York. Via Getty Images)

“We’re so happy to be apart of the family and were just looking forward to are numbers going up-and-up,” Tamela Man says after watching the preview of their show.

David Manns also thanked the network for providing a platform that allows them to be true to themselves. “We don’t do ratchet,” he says. “With The Manns, we just wanted to show the African American family that there is something different, you can solve issues without killing each other, and that’s what TV One has allowed us to do and we really thank you for that.”

The new docuseries will join Rickey Smiley’s reality show, Rickey Smiley For Real.

Lastly, Proctor announced TV One’s exciting slate of original movies, which includes Biopics on the lives of Xscape, Bobbi Kristina, The DeBarge Family, and
Civil Rights Icon Rosa Park, following the tragic story of Falicia Blakely.

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