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Human Remains Discovered Near Firefly Music Festival Grounds


Human Remains Discovered Near Firefly Music Festival Grounds

Thursday night, a man attending the Firefly Music Festival discovered and reported human skeletal remains about a half-mile away from the festival’s main entrance.

Moreover; Delaware State Police are still investigating the incident and have yet to identify the body; however inside the festival, the discovery has gone completely unnoticed.

More than likely, the approximate 90,000 festival-goers have yet to check any media outlets as they’re enjoying the show.

In addition; Firefly has not sent any push alerts through their mobile app informing its attendees of the crime scene just moments away.

One attendee who learned of the discovery, Kyla Beckvermit, 18, of Cornwall, New York, says:

“I’m extremely surprised. I’m definitely concerned. It would have been nice to know.”

While Beckvermit’s friend, Gabby Wheeler, 24, of Wheeler, New York, seemed more intrigued versus shocked.

“I watch a lot of missing people videos on YouTube. If they said it was skeletal remains, that probably means the body has been there awhile But it’s weird that is was so close.”

Furthermore; the grounds on which the body was found belongs to the Dover International Speedway; who hosted a NASCAR event just two weeks earlier.

Fans of the event used the woodlands to camp.

However; another attendee, David Lembeck, 19, of Ramsey, new Jersey, doesn’t believe there’s any way to know if the corpse is related to either event.

“I doubt it’s related. I feel like we’re close to the boonies of Delaware so who knows how it got there.”

Since the discovery; Richard Bratz, public information officer for the Delaware State PD, mentioned in a statement emailed Friday that the Delaware Division of Forensic Science have taken over the investigation.

#PressPlay above to learn more of the discovery near the Firefly Music Festival stomping grounds

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