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Jay Electronica Has Named Himself “Rap God”; Takes Aim At Drake and J. Cole


Jay Electronica Has Named Himself “Rap God”; Takes Aim At Drake and J. Cole

*Rubs temples*

Ok, so if you know hip-hop (or just have a love for the people Jay Z has co-signed in the last 10+ years) you’re familiar with the brilliantly disappointing story that is Jay Electronica. The New Orleans rapper is like an amazing unicorn we’ve only glimpsed briefly. We know he exists. We know his talent is beyond measure. But that album is more like a dream than something tangible we can hang out proverbial hats (and Billboard numbers) on.

Still, Jay is an emcee and he has the ego of one who knows and feels he is the best. He is also wonderfully skilled in the art of the troll as he engages in Twitter rants calling rap a “clown circus” and teasing performances (like the one he put on at last year’s BK Hip-Hop Festival) all to just disappear into the mist. See? Unicorn behavior.

Then, he pulls stunts like he did last week in London when he called out both Drake and J. Cole while crowing himself “the God.” According to Watchloud:

While doing a set at XOYO, the New Orleans rapper took a moment to remind fans who the true and living legend is, telling the hyped crowd, “Jay Electronica is the God of Hip-Hop. You might be the 6 God, but I am the God.” He then cut Skepta’s “Shutdown” short to send a message to Cole and your favorite rapper saying, “I’m sorry but J. Cole ain’t got bars like this. I’m sorry, whoever your favorite rapper is, they all know that I’m the God.”

1.) Hello, blasphemy
2.) Mmmmmk. Where’s that album, though?

Maybe this is Jay’s way of enticing us once more because he knows that Jigga finally gave him the green light on this Detox-ish LP. If not, just go ahead and appreciate the fact that Jay Electron showed himself once more.

Via Watchloud

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