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Justin Bieber Brings Drake-ish Vibes In New Video For ‘I’ll Show You’


Justin Bieber Brings Drake-ish Vibes In New Video For ‘I’ll Show You’

As we near the release of the album Justin Bieber is hoping will bring him back into America’s circle of trust, Purpose, dropping November 13, we’ve received a new nugget of reflection. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much), it sounds reminiscent of something we might hear from another Canadian superstar.

“I’ll Show You,” yet another track produced by Skrillex, is a slow-tempo jam with just the right amount of trap drums and syths, easily a record that could be someone scattered on 50’s production floor. Of course, this wouldn’t surprise you if you’re hip to the evolution of Bieber’s musical adolescence and his affinity for Drake-assisted tracks. And, no it’s no accident that he premiered a remix of “Hotline Bling” on Drake’s Beats 1 OVOSOUND Radio over the weekend. BTW, we’re still jamming that – like, literally right now.

The video matches the enormous loneliness of the track as Justin explores vast expanses by his lonesome. Surrounded by peaks and valleys, the grass may be greener but he’s all alone. Perhaps a metaphor? Much of the tone of Bieber’s most recent string of songs from Purpose are mostly conciliatory, but on “I’ll Show You,” he’s issuing more of a challenge than an apology. A challenge to those who judge more than they show compassion. To be completely 100, the Biebs has done some pretty dumbtastic things (and he’s been slightly jerkish), but the music has been fantastic thus far. And, to go deeper to his point, he’s human. Have you ever made a dumbtastic mistake? I rest my case here.

Watch the visuals up top.

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