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Karrine Steffans Is Spilling All The Beans On Drake Ghostwriting for Lil Wayne


Karrine Steffans Is Spilling All The Beans On Drake Ghostwriting for Lil Wayne

Just as white flags were being waved and Drake’s ghostwriting demons had finally decided to hibernate, Karen “Superhead” Steffans has come forth to stir the pot once again.

Looking to capitalize on Hip-Hop’s hot topic of the moment, the former kiss-and-write-a-best-seller video vixen sat down with DJ Vlad to voice her opinion on Drizzy, ghostwriting, and how her ex, Lil Wayne, was a beneficiary of Drake’s pen.

“First of all, Drake not only…wrote his own stuff, to a degree, but I know he was writing for Wayne, as well. Because, Wayne was looking to change something. I know he was re-writing things. I know Wayne told me he was teaching how him to tell a better story, how to ride the beat differently. Because, Wayne always rides the beat a certain way, while Drake rides it another way. The student was becoming the teacher and teaching him how to do something different. Because, you know, things had gotten stagnated for a while. Artists help each other out like that. The collaborate on things.

Wayne told me Drake had written some things for him and I was in the studio with Wayne, listening to something Drake had written, because Wayne can’t write like that. He’ll be honest about it. He only writes a certain kind of way.”

Wow. She pulled it out there, right? Despite coming across somewhat petty for even dropping her two cents on a topic she has nothing to do with, Steffans actually does manage to drop some knowledge and the full interview wouldn’t be a waste of your time. Check it out below.

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