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Kendall Jenner Fires Her Security Guard Following Home Robbery


Kendall Jenner Fires Her Security Guard Following Home Robbery

According to TMZ, Kendall Jenner has fired her security guard. This comes just one day after she was robbed of nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of jewelry from her own home.

As we previously reported, Kendall had left her home for a brief amount of time around midnight the night she got robbed, while her friends were still hanging out at her house. Upon Kendall’s arrival back home, she realized that more than $200,000 worth of her jewelry was gone!

Now, new information regarding the incident has surfaced.

First, it appears as though among the items stolen from Kendall’s home were a Rolex and a Cartier watch. Yikes!

Second, it’s being reported that someone who wasn’t actually invited to the party broke into the house and committed the robbery. Could this mean that one of Kendall’s “friends” set her up?

Now, Kendall has officially fired her security guard, as she is apparently already looking for a new security team. That didn’t take long!

What’s more is that there are, as expected, security cameras all over Kendall’s house, so police believe that this will give them a good lead as long as they are able to see people on camera and figure out who may have been involved in the incident.

Socialites, do you think this was an inside job?

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