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Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: Laurieann Gibson Unlocks Details On Lady Gaga, Dance Moms, And More!


Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: Laurieann Gibson Unlocks Details On Lady Gaga, Dance Moms, And More!

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio is back with your favorite #uncensored hosts, Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford A.K.A the “Curve Queen,” and Giovanni Watson.


“Sit back and take notes!” Laurieann Gibson, or some of you may remember her as “BoomKack” during her time with Diddy’s “Making The Band,” stops by for some #uncensored yet inspiring talk.

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But first, the show kicks off with Jason admitting to being late to Jay-Z’s 4:44 album and all the tea he spills on the his relationship with Beyoncé. While Lee is a die hard ride or die Beehive member, the discussion leads to him saying “ni**az ain’t sh*t.” Lee puts out the warning that if Beyoncé got cheated on, then ladies you will get cheated on. Melyssa, on the other hand, doesn’t agree with this stereotype, and suggests that there are some men out there that would rather “die” than to cheat on their woman.

Socialites, let us know if you agree with Jason or Melyssa!

As the show continues, let’s just say a pen and paper is needed, as Laurieann enters the show!

Arriving just in time, Gibson chimes in on Melyssa and Jason’s debate of “ni**az ain’t sh*t.” While “Mother Boomkack” wishes the word “ni**a” would retire already, she shares her views on the topic while praising Hollywood Unlocked’s #uncensored platform.

The conversation takes a turn  as Gibson speaks on the culture and artists restructuring their conversation and not bonding to the melody in their souls. While the industry vet unlocked some very important jewels for the dreamer as she talks entertainment and being a reflection of their message, she also says she can’t remember the last time everyone was so angry when it came to the state of hip hop. She said, “If you were whack… You were whack!”

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The conversation gets deeper as the veteran choreographer unlocks details on her relationship with Lady Gaga. This is the first time she has ever revealed any details about what led to the end of their relationship. She just couldn’t fight anymore with people who were intimidated with her as a black woman, her gift, and her not always saying, “yes.”

Lee asks where her and Lady Gaga are now, and she shares that you have to watch her new Lifetime show that will be airing soon to find out. However, her last words are from a professional and personal stance.

Speaking of Lifetime, Mother Boomkack does not hold back when it comes to unlocking her thoughts on Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller and just how traumatized she had her dancers.

#PressPlay and make sure you’re ready for everything Mother Boomkack is delivering! From unlocking her days with Making The Band, and Danity Kane to being a creative director for Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, she also delivers a special message to the dreamer.


By HU writer: Krystyl Bystyl

Facebook and Instagram: @KrystylBystyl


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