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Man Confesses To Killing His Girlfriend’s Mother


Man Confesses To Killing His Girlfriend’s Mother


Reportedly, a man and his girlfriend have confessed to killing her mother during a struggle at the mother’s Florida home. The victim and mother has been identified as Tricia Freeman, of Palmetto. She was reported missing after she didn’t come to work at IHOP, failed to communicate with her friends, and neglected her dogs, leaving them with no food.

The boyfriend has been identified as Roy Nichols Jr, 26. He admitted to police that he killed the mother after the altercation took place. Nichols and his girlfriend, Kayla Colyer, Freeman’s 21-year-old daughter, were arrested in West Virginia Authorities, after they drove together to Kentucky to dispose of the body.

According to authorities, the boyfriend will be charged with murder and Colyer will be charged as an accessory to the murder. An accessory is defined as someone who assists another person who has committed a felony, with knowledge that they have, and with the intent to help them avoid arrest or punishment.

Authorities believe Colyer was not present at the time of the argument.

Nichols’ stated, “Kayla was not there but she participated in the crime in other ways.”

Apparently, Nichols and Colyer put Freeman’s body in her car and left it in an undisclosed rural area in Florida. The pair then drove and later abandoned the vehicle in Kentucky.

However, authorities have not retrieved the mother’s remains yet, but are searching based on the indications.

They are working on extraditing Nichols and Coyler back to Florida.

There is no word yet on how long the Bonnie and Clyde couple will be in jail for, but we will keep you Socialites updated with that information.

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