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Man severs Arm In Car Accident With Pregnant Girlfriend


Man severs Arm In Car Accident With Pregnant Girlfriend

An apparent attempt to skip traffic in California has taken a nasty turn.

Apparently the unnamed couple have been air lifted to a local hospital after the car they were driving in flew off the freeway and into a nearby orchard.

They had been traveling north on Interstate 5 near Modesto in a Chevrolet Aveo when the car swerved into the center divider.

The man is said to have lost control when returning to the roadway. He then fell down a 50-60 foot embankment. Witnesses say the car rolled numerous times and plummeted through a barbed wire fence.


The 29-year-old man from Bakersfield was taken to a Modesto hospital after he had completely severed his arm off from his body. The 27-year-old woman who was pregnant is said to have suffered a laceration to her head.

The woman was also flown to hospital.

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Source: FOX News

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