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Meek Mill Is Still Dissing Drake; World Sighs Collectively

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Meek Mill Is Still Dissing Drake; World Sighs Collectively

2015 has een a rough one for Meek Mill. After getting the breaks beat off of him courtesy of “Back To Back” and Drake’s OVO screen, Meek Mill continued to take significant L’s towards the end of the year with some pretty serious legal issues looming over his freshly wave-capped head.

But, that’s not stopping the Philly rapper from chasing the ghost of Drake beef past on new snippets from his new project. Despite there being a solid three days left in December, Meek is still teasing the Dreamchasers 4 tape he promised this month.

On one track, Meek makes his legal team cringe with some bang shoot em up lingo directed in the direction of that up top, that North North. “[I] was dead serious when I was saying sh*t about them rhymes you ain’t wrote/I can’t wait till we run in ya/I’ma put a gun in ya/Probably shoot the club up/Just to set the summer up/They ain’t never love us.” Oh, dear.

Another clip also features the 26-year-old going on about the fact that he doesn’t “f*ck with industry n****s, only in the streets n****s.” Because…yea, IDK. You can check the snippets here.

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