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Member Of Cannibalistic Chicago ‘Ripper Crew’ Will Be Released In September


Member Of Cannibalistic Chicago ‘Ripper Crew’ Will Be Released In September

A Sadistic member of the Chicago “Ripper Crew,” who are believed to be responsible for over 20 cult-like mutilation sex slayings three decades ago, is set to be released this year.

Thomas Kokoraleis, 57, will be eligible for parole in September.

The family of one of the young women murdered is outraged and disgusted with the news.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the victim’s brother, Mark Borowski, said:


“He doesn’t deserve to be treated like a human being for the stuff he did to my sister and all the families and the women, It’s just sickening. He has no business living.”

Kokoraleis will be paroled September 29th after serving half of a 70-year sentence for the rape and satanic ritual killing of 21-year-old Lorry Ann Borowski in 1982.





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The Cult

Kokoraleis, his brother, and two other men would drive around looking for lone women to kidnap, beat, rape, torture, and kill.

They would cut off their victims’ breasts while they were still alive, as part of cannibalistic and sexual rituals.

The Others

Andrew Kokoraleis, Thomas’ brother, was the last inmate executed in Illinois back in 1999. The other gang member, Edward Spreitzer, is ineligible for parole. The ringleader, Robin Gecht, has a parole date set for 2042.

Prosecutors are still fighting to keep Kokoraleis behind bars. Kokoraleis had been found guilty of killing Borowski, but the conviction was overturned due to a legal error in the case.

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